Thursday, January 22, 2009

Outdoor Retailer - Day 2

Today was the first official day of Outdoor Retailer. WOW, let us just say that this place is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts like us. Literally every single outdoor brand we can think of is here showing off their new goods.

Highlights from today included random bouldering breaks on the climbing walls, meetings and introductions with many journalists and our first public (kind of) event for the Teva Mountain Games: an Outdoor Retailer kegger.

Having a keg at a tradeshow is always a little tricky. Having a keg at a tradeshow in Utah is not only tricky, it's expensive. You can't for example just wheel in a keg that you acquired from a great VVF partner like Anheuser Busch -- that would be too easy. Instead, one must pay like 5 times the fair market value for the keg (at a 3.2% alcohol level) and also hire an union keg technician.

At first we balked at the idea of hiring someone to pour our beer for us... we all spent plenty of time in college and have that skill mastered. However, when all was said and done it was nice having them there so we could meet some new people, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.




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